Taking off for the PDC and an eleven hour Flight :-S

I’m not a conference blogger, so no updates about sessions, and I don’t like flying, but that’s a different story… I will be staying in the Cecil Hotel downtown LA, with some interesting reviews on tripadvisor.com…  “Do Not Stay Here Under Any Circumstance.”, “Un Professional People Trying To Look Busy/Working”, “Horrible experience”. But, it’s cheap and  they are more than a year old so hopefully the hotel improved or the writers had a bad day… anyway, it’s warm and sunny in LA.  I will be at  http://pdc08.partywithpalermo.com/ Sunday evening and when that party takes to long, I still can watch the keynotes in bed –> Watch PDC08 Keynotes Online [probably I’m awake... [More]

Oslo’s place in the modeling world…

A lot of news-sites published yesterday an article around Oslo … probably there was a journalist event in Redmond ;-) A short summary: Codename ‘D’ is rename to ‘M’ --- creating textual DSL’s. [inside Visual Studio] There is a Software Modeling Tool called ‘Quadrant’ --- author models visually [outside Visual Studio]. The models can be executed directly on the platform --- work with multiple runtimes. Model repository, model transformation --- [SQL Server] Not in place yet models for ‘non-functional requirements’ like security, performance, operations, etc etc. The modeling world – Models in the Application Lifecycle I often use these images [below] to organize t... [More]

Trends in Software Modeling webcast

As you can see in this post I did worked sometimes during my vacation… and one of the things I did was the recording of this webcast. Learn more about modeling by watching the Trends in Software Modeling [wmv, download] webcast featuring Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester Research), Cameron Skinner (Microsoft, Visual Studio Team System), and Clemens Reijnen (Sogeti). The complete story can be found on MSDN “Visual Studio Team System 2010 Overview”… The recording wasn’t with any stress for me, My cell phone didn't had a network connection on the only location with internet access … arrrghhhh so, finally ... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 [formerly known as Rosario] Video’s

A lot of video’s on Channel 9 about VS2010 and a nice thing… they us the newest bits for it. So, watching them give a nice insight in where Rosario is going. Architecture Day (Tuesday, September 30th): - Cameron Skinner: Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Architecture - "Top-down" design with Visual Studio Team System 2010 This one is really nice, Mark guides the viewer to the creation of the demo project ‘DinnerNow’ with the us of the UML diagrams. As you can see there is a new Model Explorer [upper left corner] and what you don’t see there is also a model project type added to Visual Studio… and a lot more new things. Drag and Drop from the model explorer..!... [More]

IASA Free Virtual Event - Global Certification Summit

Next Event: "Global Certification Summit - Meet the Leaders" - A Virtual Meeting Date: Oct 9th, 2008 - 9am-10:30pm CST (GMT-6) Architects love to talk about certification. What certifications they need and what certifications they want. But mostly they like to know exactly what certifications are available and how they relate to their career. They want to know what certification is based on, where it came from, who it is for, and how much it costs. They are interested in whether it tests experience, knowledge or both. Well now you can find out about the top certifications in the industry straight from the providers. The IASA is proud to be hosting t... [More]

Microsoft joins the OMG…

Still on vacation but, found a nice Bed & Breakfast this evening with Internet connection. So, time to get updated around the things that are going on past weeks… for those who are interested see pictures below… places I’ve worked so far during vacation. not only work also walked some great trails a lot of playing with Abel and I saw my first whale… [see image] amazing really great, although Abel got seasick… Anyway, the hot ‘modelling news of past week: Microsoft joins the OMG… This is really hot news and re-started the discussion about UML vs DSL again…  Steve Kelly started this discussion actually just before this news with his Microsoft DS... [More]

Vacation Time…

Going to travel with my family around Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for four weeks , so no updates coming month..!    If anyone has some ‘must have seen’ tips.. we haven’t planned anything yet, so post a comment and I will let you know if we managed to get there…

How to create a Visio Importer for Team Architect Rosario

First a small video to show how it works, second some explanation how to do it… Demo… [recorded with camstudio and my birthday present ;-) ] You can download the video from my SkyDrive   How to make one yourself… I think Visio isn’t the only format you want to import so here is a brief explanation how to make your own importer. You have to figure-out what the format is, with Visio that was pretty easy. As you probably have seen in the video I saved the diagrams as VDX “Visio Drawing XML”. So the format I need to read is XML and MSDN made it even more easy for me to understand the structure. see this page on MSDN: Microsoft Office Visio 2007 XML Schema Reference... [More]

08-08-08 a nice day for a birthday party

I’m getting 39 today  [ actually within 2 hours GMT+1, but somewhere in the world it’s already 8-8-8 ]… Bought a present for myself… CubeDesktop

Rosario – Import Visio documents in the diagrams.

Had some fun last weekend and past evenings with Rosario, DSL’s and Visio. When you read the MSDN forums about Visio, Modeling and Tools, Team Architect and Rosario you see that there are often questions about Visio and the need for export functionality… see this search result list and these threads: Visio 2007 XMI Export What is the product direction on Visio for Enterprise Architects? Reverse Engineering with Visio Professional 2007 & Visual Studio Team System 2008 Sequence Diagram in VSTS Rosario April CTP Visio For Enterprise Architects This answers, triggered me: there is no way to export to Visio using the April CTP David is right with his answer. ... [More]

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