[Dutch] Sogeti - CIBG - Visual Studio 2010 with TMap processes Referentie Case

Sogeti heeft samen met het CIBG vorig jaar een project uitgevoerd met Visual Studio 2010. De focus lag op de samenwerking tussen ontwikkelaar en tester, het gebruik van Microsoft Test Manager en de TMap proces template. De resultaten zijn door Microsoft beschreven in een referentie case welke hier is te downloaden. -

Vote for Patriek's elevator pitch...Green Computing door Shared Resources by Patriek van Dorp

Vote here so he can present it on the Dutch DevDays: http://t.co/DPVhbIJ 

[Dutch] Webseminar VS2010 ALM MTM Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft

Webseminar Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’ Datum: 8 maart 2011 Tijd: 16.00 – 17.00 uur Sogeti en Microsoft nodigen u uit voor het web seminar ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’. Veel organisaties zijn op zoek naar mogelijkheden om hun ontwikkel- en testproces te versnellen door deze processen beter op elkaar af te stemmen en beter samen te laten werken. Met Application Lifecycle Management kunt u dit realiseren en wordt dit proces bovendien beter, sneller en goedkoper. Aan de hand van een praktijkvoorbeeld vertellen Sogeti en Microsoft u hoe u deze samenwerking tussen testen en ontwikkeling kunt realiseren doo... [More]

Running Automated Tests on Physical Environments, the different flavors…

There are multiple ways to execute your test automation effort, you can run them from and on Microsoft Test Manager, from and on Visual Studio, during the build and on the Build Server or during the build on Test Agents configured with Test Controllers or … many flavors. so, where should you execute your automated tests, and how should you configure your test infrastructure. Where to run your automated tests, and how to configure the test infrastructure?   The different flavors Flavor A: Execution from VS2010…   Purpose: Real developer test / test automation dry run.  A valid scenario is when Developers... [More]

CodedUI Test Builder - Crosshair highlights UI Control wrong …

Within Visual Studio you can create UI tests by manual execute the action on the application uner test.   How to: Generate a Coded UI Test by Recording the Application Under Test To add an assertion for the test you can use the crosshair, which selects the UI control and lets you select the properties you want to test. The UI Test Builder visualizes your selection by a blue highlight around the selected UI control. in the screenshot below this highlighting goes wrong, and it goes wrong for every control…  pretty annoying. It is a kind of strange behavior and has some relation with the Test Runner error when you try to create an action recording for a web applicat... [More]

IASA Netherlands Inaugural Event

The Dutch IASA chapter is having their inaugural event in Amersfoort, Netherlands, January 27, 2011, hosted at Sogeti from 4pm-8pm. They will be welcoming active participation across the entire IT architecture profession. For more information on this chapter or for the inaugural event, please visit the Dutch chapter page on www.Iasaglobal.org Agenda 16:00 What is IASA and what does Architecture certification bring? (Dennis) 17:00 Dinner / Networking 18:00 Martin van den Berg (Enterprise Architecture) vs Robert Deckers (Solution Architecture) – Panel Discussion - moderator Clemens Reijen 19:15 IASA Curriculum and Architecture Training (Angelo Hulshoff, Dylan van Iersel) 20:00 Discussion... [More]

MTM Azure Data Diagnostic Adapter a nice ALM for Cloud scenario …

Collect Azure events, performance data and trace logs during test execution and populate them in the test result and bugs reports. So, team members easily can see what happened in the cloud (for any instance) during the test case for faster and better bug solving. Azure logs can get big and fuzzy, this together with the locally captured (and removed) data by instances, will make it hard to use these logs for testing scenario’s. The test execution date is most often not the same date the developers looks at it, this results in the fact that when the developer wants to look in the Azure logs, events and/ or performance counters he/she has to dive in to the mass amount of collected data, i... [More]

(in dutch) Het vakgebied Testen, De Next step… op de TMap dag

Komende woensdag op de TMap dag geven Ben Visser en ik een workshop over de veranderende rol van de tester [in de Application Lifecycle]. Hier meer info: http://www.tmap.net/Home/TMap/TMap_Dag.jsp en hier aanmelden: Aanmelden TMap Dag 2010

Custom Diagnostic Data Adapter capture the Webcam

Capture the webcam while testers execute a test case with Microsoft Test Manager… had this discussion today with a customer when talking about Diagnostic Data Adapter. Just for fun we decided that this would be a great adapter…   and just for fun I made one this evening… Set the Diagnostic Data Adapter to capture images at the beginning and at the end of the test case. I didn’t captured the complete video, only images… would be interesting to make one also with indexing on test steps, to see how users act while executing a step, and make it picture in picture with the screen recording… anyway, it adds the two images as attachments. I used this MSDN example:  Sample Proj... [More]

Microsoft Test Manager Hotfix available: VS10-KB2387011

This hotfix fixes: 11 Crashes and exceptions , 5 Memory leaks and 6 Other issues… download and install it…

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