Microsoft Test Manager - Test Runner–Playback error with C:\fakepath

When executing a test case with Microsoft Test Runner with a step where you have to select a file in a web application, you get “C:\fakepath” for the location of the file you selected. For example in step 4 you need to select an image from the local disk. When you replay this action you get the c:\Fakepath folder. For sure this ruins the fat forward for you test case.   This Fakepath comes from Internet Explorer and is a security feature which hides the real path selected path. The workaround to get the action recording up and running is to add the site to the trusted sites in the security tab of IE options.

IASA - Case-Study : Architecture at a large Dutch government agency

Join us at our next chapter event at Cap Gemini in Utrecht! Event Date 5/11/2011 - 5/11/2011 Location Cap Gemini Nederland BV Agenda: 16.00 – 16.45 Introduction & IASA Global News presented by chapter president Dennis Mulder 16.45 – 18.00 Case-Study: Architecture at a large Dutch government agency presented by Cap Gemini team 18.00 – 19.00 Dinner 19.00 – 20.00 Fishbowl - An interactive discussion on a topic to be determined during the meeting 20.00 – 21.00 Informal discussion & networking Location: Cap Gemini Nederland BV Papendorpseweg 100 3258 BJ UTRECHT

(in Dutch) Mijn DevDays agenda

Ik ben op de DevDays 2011 te vinden bij - Ask the Experts – hoogstwaarschijnlijk herkenbaar een een shirt met groot expert er op (was niet mijn idee :) Hierbij mijn agenda als ik niet bij de ATE te vinden ben, dan kun je me uit de zaal plukken Tijd ik ga hier zeker naar toe er is een kans dat ik hier naar toe ga misschien ook wel naar deze of misschien deze ... [More]

Test Automation Investment Levels for VS2010, MTM and CodedUI

With VS2010 ALM you can very easily take a manual test case and turn it in an automated test case. But this isn’t without investment. There are still some additional things to do which take time and money before we get the benefit of automated execution of a test case. These are some very basic test automation investment levels. Just to keep in mind when working with Microsoft Test Manager and CodedUI. VS2010 ALM has several automation capabilities. The most noticeable is CodedUI, C# code generated from a MTM action recording or recorded within VS2010 another automation capability is the Fast Forward functionality in Microsoft Test Runner, Fast Forward till a validatio... [More]

Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Lifecycle Management

We did it… here the requirements list the Technical Assessments are fun, actually had more struggle with the silver technical assessment as the gold technical assessment. I didn’t do the licensing assessments, must be really boring and hard we even got more gold competencies (skipped the silver ones):

Seize the Cloud - "At Sogeti, we love the Cloud" :)

VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development

The deck of my presentation covering VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development and the handout/ talk through (in the table below, not a real handout. I’m busy changing it to a more paper style document. But thought I better could start sharing it to gather some early feedback.) Alm 4 Azure View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen.   It is work in progress, so all comments are welcome. I’m still busy processing the demos videos, will publishing them as soon they are ready. Send me an email (Clemens dot Reijnen at Sogeti dot nl) if you want the Word or PDF version of the Talk Through. You could also download it from Slideshare. Sogeti... [More]

[Dutch] Sogeti - CIBG - Visual Studio 2010 with TMap processes Referentie Case

Sogeti heeft samen met het CIBG vorig jaar een project uitgevoerd met Visual Studio 2010. De focus lag op de samenwerking tussen ontwikkelaar en tester, het gebruik van Microsoft Test Manager en de TMap proces template. De resultaten zijn door Microsoft beschreven in een referentie case welke hier is te downloaden. -

Vote for Patriek's elevator pitch...Green Computing door Shared Resources by Patriek van Dorp

Vote here so he can present it on the Dutch DevDays: 

[Dutch] Webseminar VS2010 ALM MTM Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft

Webseminar Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’ Datum: 8 maart 2011 Tijd: 16.00 – 17.00 uur Sogeti en Microsoft nodigen u uit voor het web seminar ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’. Veel organisaties zijn op zoek naar mogelijkheden om hun ontwikkel- en testproces te versnellen door deze processen beter op elkaar af te stemmen en beter samen te laten werken. Met Application Lifecycle Management kunt u dit realiseren en wordt dit proces bovendien beter, sneller en goedkoper. Aan de hand van een praktijkvoorbeeld vertellen Sogeti en Microsoft u hoe u deze samenwerking tussen testen en ontwikkeling kunt realiseren doo... [More]

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