Test Tool Checklists - TMAP NEXT DOWNLOADS

Some interesting downloads from my test expert colleagues… Beside you can find these documents on our www.TMap.NET site all these templates and checklists also have a place in the TMap Process Template for VS2010 [which can be found at TMap.Codeplex.com]. Overview "Tools per TMap activity" TMap has a lot of test specific activities in this Excel sheet you can see a link between these activities and the tool categories. Interesting to map Visual Studio with Test Professional 2010 to it,  it almost fulfills every category. Checklist "Intake Test Tools" After your test tool selection this is a nice che... [More]

VS2010 Architecture Explorer Analyzers

DGML, the new VS2010 visualization technology has capabilities to render graphs. Graphs like dependencies between classes, inheritance graphs, custom graph, you actually can visualize any relation you want. Cameron Skinner has posts about DGML and Chris Lovett has some great video’s.   [class dependencies uml2doc.codeplex.com] Now the interesting thing is that you can analyze these graphs. In the image below you see the analyzers; Circular References – Hub – Unreferenced. The purple classes are unreferenced which probably means dead code or entry point of the application. The kind of blue-green nodes are hub, classes which are important and heavy used, and no strongly connected cl... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance

Another delivery from the VS ALM Rangers is public available… the Requirements Management Guidance.  Very useful guidance, with a small contribution from me with the Enrich VSTA 2010 Use case diagram with SketchFlow Screens post. [see the Requirements Elicitation part]. var dzone_url = 'http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2010/01/16/Visual-Studio-2010-Team-Foundation-Server-Requirements-Management-Guidance.aspx'; var dzone_title = 'Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance'; var dzone_blurb = 'Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance'; var dzone_style = '2';

Broken leg…

Broke my leg during ice skating last Sunday [see picture]. Had to stay in the hospital for surgery. A nail is put in my bone [see pdf below, also contains operative techniques.. very interesting :-)]. After a few nights I’m back home. Have to recover for several months, the first six weeks I’m not allowed to put any pressure on my leg… no MVP summit for me this year, even worse also had to cancel two ski –telemark- vacations [Skieda] and it’s still freezing in the Netherlands. Tibial Nailing System [pdf]var dzone_url = 'http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2010/01/14/Broken-lege280a6.aspx'; var dzone_title = 'Broken leg…'; var dzone_blurb = 'Broken leg…'; var dzone_style = '2';

Visual Studio 2010 Ranger News

> Rangers - Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Upgrade Guidance ships to Codeplex > Rangers – Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance ships to Codeplex more will follow..! http://blogs.msdn.com/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2009/11/16/rangers-visual-studio-2010-architect-edition-guidance-kickoff.aspxvar dzone_url = 'http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2010/01/13/Visual-Studio-2010-Ranger-News.aspx'; var dzone_title = 'Visual Studio 2010 Ranger News'; var dzone_blurb = 'Visual Studio 2010 Ranger News'; var dzone_style = '2';

[Dutch] Engineering World 2010

Engineering World 2010 Wil jij ook in één dag op de hoogte zijn van de ontwikkelingen binnen jouw engineering vakgebied? Aarzel niet en meld je dan nu aan voor Engineering World 2010. De volgende stap in volwassenheid en productiviteit Zaterdag, 6 februari 2010, Achmea Conferentie Center in Zeist Voor de derde keer op rij organiseert Sogeti in samenwerking met het Software Development Network dit unieke evenement.  Programma Het engineering vakgebied is volop in beweging en gaat een nieuwe volwassenheidsfase in, waarbij de productiviteit zich enorm snel ontwikkeld. We zijn er trots op dat tijdens Engineering Worl... [More]

Traceability in VS2010

Always an interesting question, how does traceability work in VS2010? To often asked without any context, or only asked from a requirements perspective. Still way too open to answer in a tweet. So, a post to canalize those questions a little bit more… [see the image below for the numbers] you can take two directions when talking about traceability. The first is focused on “work”, the work items repository part of TFS [on the left side of the green dotted line]. with work related traceability we can answer questions like “did we completed all tasks for that requirement?” [for more see the red list]. Information which is very important for every roll in the Application Lifecycle. A t... [More]

VS2010 Modeling; Create Lifeline from Component

From the VS2010 MSDN sequence diagram documentation… Relationship to other diagrams You can use UML sequence diagrams together with other diagrams in several ways. Lifelines and types The lifelines you draw in a sequence diagram can represent typical instances of the components or classes in your system. You can create lifelines from types, and types from lifelines, and show the types on UML class diagrams and UML component diagrams. For more information, see Classes and Lifelines. Beside we can create lifelines from/for classes we also can create lifelines for/from components… which is actually a very interesting feature. Context menu on a component shows the create... [More]

Microsoft Test and Lab Manager and security and permission settings

Within TFS you can set permissions, what people are aloud to do within projects and with 2010 in place also within project collections and within Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. In some situations, project settings, you want to set these permissions. For example in the TMap process template there are different rolls responsible for different tasks. The Test Manager is responsible for the Master test plan, the Test infrastructure coordinator for the test infrastructure and tools, the test coordinator for the test plans, the runs and reports and the tester for creating and execution of the tests cases. These rolls/ groups you also can find in the TMap Process Template. All rolls have the... [More]

First drop of "TMap for VS2010" available on Codeplex

A structured test management process template for VS2010… Still a lot to do to get it at the quality level we want, but this is a preview and as I call it… for discussion purpose only. The planning is to get it somewhere next week at a level we can call it beta and ready for us within projects [we want to get RTM when VS2010 gets the RTM state]. The best way to get started, to get familiar with TMap and the process template for VS2010 is to take a look at the documentation. The documentation behind the template contains an almost completely filled wiki, how to execute a high quality test management approach with VS2010. Also the main reason it was that quiet on this blog lately, I cr... [More]

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