Test Manager 2010 Test Plans

..or, as my Swedish colleagues well described call it, Test Execution Plans. Microsoft Test Manager to help you define and manage your testing effort by using test plans. You create a test plan and add any test suites, test cases, or configurations that you need, as shown in the following illustration. The configurations are used to determine which set ups you want to use to run test suites or test cases… [MSDN] Within Microsoft Test Manager you plan, execute and organize test cases, together with their corresponding environments and configurations. So, everything in the context of test execution, Microsoft Test Manager 2010 maintains Test Execution Plans. The details of a t... [More]

Dutch Visual Studio 2010 launch on 20 april 2010

In samenwerking met Microsoft organiseert Sogeti Nederland B.V. het launch-event: Visual Studio 2010 ‘Lets include testing’ Datum: dinsdag 20 april 2010 Locatie: Hotel Van der Valk Nootdorp Aanmelden: evenementen.sogeti.nl (Deelname aan dit event is kosteloos) Met de introductie van Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) biedt Microsoft een krachtig nieuw platform dat de gehele Applicatie Lifecycle ondersteunt, van Business Case tot en met het in beheer nemen van applicaties. VS2010 is een geïntegreerde verzameling van tools, processen en richtlijnen die de samenwerking tussen de rollen business (requirements), ontwikkelaars, architecten en testers optimaliseert. Hierdoor wordt de spreekwoorde... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Flyer

English version [pdf] Dutch version [pdf]

Architecture Analysis Practices with VS2010 Direct Graphs and Layer Diagrams

Been using the direct graph [DGML] and layer diagram capabilities from VS2010 for a while now. Used them on many different projects with a wide spread of architectures, different quality levels and with many questions to answer about it. And I recognized a common way of working when using the tools… It looks something like this: Zoom Out – Recognize - Zoom In – Analyze - Zoom Out or Zoom In – Group – Zoom Out and can been done in a different order… Some examples will explain the analysis process better. Chaos Example. First the question, the question what to analyze is the starting point and actually the key driver of the success factor of your analysis. The funny thing most project ... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Process Template Explained…

Recorded a LiveMeeting yesterday about the TMap for VS2010 Testing Process Template. Click to watch it [ 53:08 ]

patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide Layer Diagrams (Pre Release)

Patterns and practices has put on the Visual Studio Gallery a set of layer diagrams which correspond with the Application Architecture Guidance… http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/237f823c-45b4-4f1f-b9e2-607fe66eaae7 Install the VSIX in VS2010 Ultimate and you get diagrams like these, with all the validation capabilities the layer diagram has. And the corresponding guidance… Very Nice work…

VS2010 TMap Testing Template | The Test Infrastructure

Initial Work Items #2 Setting up and maintaining the test infrastructure, beside the Initial Work Items #1 which describe / help create the Master Test Plan, also activities for setting up the environment must take place at the early stage of the project. The test infrastructure consists of the facilities and resources necessary to carry out the testing satisfactorily. A distinction is made between the facilities for test execution (test environments), for supporting the testing (test tools) and for the day-to-day work of the testers (workplaces). While it doesn’t look like rocket science, just setting up an environment, most projects lack a good structure for these activities resulting in... [More]

VS2010 TMap Testing Template | Initial Work Items #1

During the unfolding of the TMap for VS2010 process template, several pre-defined work items are created for the test organization. These work items helps the test organization to start structured test process with a Master Test Plan. When starting a testing effort first several things needs to be in place… we need to understand the assignment, determine what we are going to test what are the risks, etc… the first four steps in the image below. Beside these steps also decisions needs to be taken about what to test where, you don’t want to loose money by testing things twice. As described in the TMap Next book: The type of system and/or development approach and/or test policy determ... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Testing Process Template RC published on Codeplex.

A bit later as planned, due to my broken leg. Just checked in the RC version of the TMap for VS2010 process template… Downloaded it from TMap.Codeplex.com. Still a lot of work to do, specially on the documentation and reporting part [lucky me, my colleagues from Sogeti US, Sweden and other Sogeti countries are helping me]. But still, the documentation section is a very good starting point when you want to discover the TMap processes for VS2010. Later this week I will post some more content.

Speaking at Dutch DevDays and Danish ALM Day

Will be speaking at the Dutch DevDays [about VS2010 general/practical usages] and Danish ALM Day [about TMap for VS2010] in March/April. The Hague, The Netherlands March 30-31, 2010 DevDays 2010[update]Will give the interactive session "ALM Best Practices: Modeling the Showcase Application" with @Edwb (www.edwardbakker.nl) and the session "ALM Best Practices: Testing the Showcase Application" with www.RobKuijt.nl. Rob is a real tester, who will give an interesting look in the world of the tester.    Copenhagen, Denmark April 9, 2010 ALM Day 2010  Not as much as Brian Keller [4 weeks, 7 countries, 25+ sessions, 1 suitcase…]…... [More]

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