Panoramic Seattle with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Visited Redmond this week for some meetings and did some Seattle sightseeing on Sunday morning. This picture is made with the panoramic feature from Windows Live Photo Gallery [29 images with my camera on Hi-motor drive] looks really nice..! You can find the big one on my Flickr site.

Xcopy is deprecated, please use Robocopy

Robocopy: "Robust File Copy", is a command-line folder replication tool. It was available as part of the Windows Resource Kit, and introduced as a standard feature of Windows Vista. Robocopy is designed for reliable mirroring of folders or folder trees. It has features to ensure all NTFS attributes and properties are copied, and includes additional restart code for network connections subject to disruption. Robocopy is notable for capabilities above and beyond the built-in Windows COPY and XCOPY commands

Reduce Project Risk: Get knowledge of the environment where the system operates.

One of the most “technical” challenging phase of a project is the transition of code from the development environment through the integration and test environments into production with Installer Packages. Within most companies developers are responsible for the creation of Installer Packages. The MSI’s are created on development workstations, which have local admin rights and most often some exotic settings and applications. For sure, completely different than the production environment. With all the risks and extra work during deployment and testing. In a more ideal situation, packages are automatically generated during the build process. A much better situation, but also harder to ac... [More]

My ALM Assessment

Did this morning the ALM Quick Assessment, not for a specific company our development department, but more the way I think most companies work now days. The results... [the vertical scale is 0 to 5]  I'm a pessimist, my score is much lower than industry average, specially about the development activities. The assessment is still focused on development, although it's called ALM Assessment. [see picture below]. I thought there would be more business and operations topics. Actually  "Requirements Management" and "Project Management" have a bigger scope then the pie I've put them in, but there is the heavy work done.   My morning activity continues with the VSTS Roadmap Builder... [More]

Rosario Team Architect Exposed, Getting Information Out Off the Designers.

I'm not fully up and running with the Rosario CTP, but found yesterday evening some time to dig into the internals of Team Architect. [Reflector rules]  Getting information out off the designers.It is pretty hard to iterate through the various applications and endpoints within the VS2005 and VS2008 designers . You must load the .ad file with an XML reader and query it. Rosario makes this allot easier, it exposes methods to do this. This is the Application Designer ToolAdapter Interface with the getApplications, getEndpoints, etc methods:    The new way to iterate the applications and endpoints. Much better than overly long XML queries: Inside the "Rosario" Service Factor... [More]

Mini-Stories for Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects, Rosario CTP10

Very useful, these mini-stories founded on the CTP10 desktop Walkthrough: Visualizing Interaction Sequences Between Service-Oriented Applications Walkthrough: Designing and Visualizing Classes and Their Interactions Walkthrough: Building Windows Communication Foundation Web Services Using Distributed System Designers and the Web Service Software Factory (WSSF) From the "Stories"document [the interesting topics highlighted in red]: In this CTP, you will find many new exciting features that help make design and development more productive. These features can be grouped in to two categories: factory integration and new integrated designers. Fa... [More]

Sogeti goes Praha

Sogeti Netherlands is going to have a party in Praha..!   Tomorrow morning the flights start to transport 4026 people to Praha where we will stay for a day and a night and have a party in the evening. A total amount of 96 flights will bring use to and from Praha, a pretty big operation.

The Three Most Interesting Features in Team Architect "Rosario"

1: The Designer Bus,   No documentation about this yet. It makes integration of models allot easier. For example the integration between the Application Diagram and the Service Models or the Sequence Diagrams.  2: Using the Distributed System Designers and the Web Service Software Factory to build WCF applications. Very nice :-)  There are new WSSF items in your Toolbox from where you can design services and there are parts of the Team Architect Powertool used to visualize implementation details. I'm not a big fan of the PowerTools, a reasons is that there will be to much shapes on you design surface and classes / assemblies have a diffe... [More]

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